The Original Carrot Cake

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The Original Carrot Cake

The Original Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is a classic cake that is a expected favorite for both adults and kids. It is relatively easy to prepare and makes a perfect homemade birthday cake. I prepared this recipe with whole-wheat flour, which along with raisin and carrots adds extra fiber to this cake without sacrificing the taste. The photo I took from my carrot cake makes my children’s mouths to water!


200g whole-wheat pastry flour150g unsalted butter, softened

120g light brown sugar

4 large eggs

1tbsp baking powder

1tsp baking soda

1tsp cinnamon

1/4tsp salt

120g walnuts, chopped

 75g raisin, preferably small ones

 150g carrot, finely grated

 Cake cooking Instructions

1.     Preheat the oven to 350F °. Grease a 20 cm baking dish, which is about 8cm deep. Line with baking paper.

2.     Sift the flour twice with baking powder, cinnamon, salt and baking soda

3.     In a mixing bowl, beat butter and sugar until creamy and pale in color. Add eggs one at a time and mix well before adding next egg.

4.     Add the flour mix in two portions at a time. Blend with a baking spatula until just incorporated.

5.     In a spate bowl, combine carrot, chopped walnuts and raisin. Stir in through the mixture. Spoon out the cake batter into the baking bin. Bake for 45-50 minutes in preheated oven. Insert a fork to the cake and take out. If the fork is clean, the cake is ready.

6.     Leave the cake in the bin for 15 minutes to cool down. Then run a knife around the inside edges to separate the cake from the bin; turn upside down onto a wire rack to cool down completely for another hour or so. During cooling period, you can make the icing, directions given below!

7.     When the cake is completely cool down, place it on a serving dish or baking rack. Cut the cake in half horizontally and lift the top part carefully and set aside. Ice the bottom layer and put the top part back. Spread the ice through the top and sides of the cake. Put back in the fridge for another 2 hours to stay cool.

Please note, it is very important to cool down the cake completely before you cut the cake horizontally and spread the icing. If the cake is still warm, it causes the fragile icing to melt and losing its original texture.

Cream Cheese Icing

Preparation time: 15 minutes


350g icing sugar

75g butter, softened

150g light cream cheese, softened

 1tbsp honey


1.     Sift the icing sugar twice and set aside.

2.     In a separate bowl beat the butter with an electric mixer until creamy and whitish is color. Add cream cheese and beat for another minute.

3.     Add 1/3 of icing sugar and beat on a low speed. Add the rest of icing sugar and mix.

4.     Add the honey and beat until you get a creamy texture. Keep in the fridge to firm and stay cold.


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